Holliday Schedule

NOTE: We will be closed from Friday 12/21 at noon through Tuesday 1/1 for the Christmas and New Years holidays. We will return on 1/2. Please know that if you call the office and leave a message, your concerns will be handled within 48 hours of our return. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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Laurel Tronsen

Welcome to Denver Wellness Associates

Outpatient Emotional Wellbeing Clinic
(720) 724-3668

Our Mission

At Denver Wellness Associates, we believe in a collaborative approach to mental health care.  Together, we aim to provide individualized guidance, care, and support as you progress on your journey towards well-being and towards building a purposeful and meaningful life.

Our team offers comprehensive mental health care in the Denver area, with appointments generally available within two weeks. We strive to respond to each individual’s outreach for care with compassion, empathy, and responsiveness.

Areas We Help With




Relationship Problems/Intimacy Problems

Phobias and OCD

Mood Regulation and Bipolar Disorders

Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Trauma & PTSD

School/Work Programs

Self-esteem/body image

What makes us qualified to help

We treat children, teens, young adults, and adults to about 65 years of age. We offer one-on-one sessions, couples and family therapy. It is our goal to establish a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment where you feel listened to and can heal.

Our team wants to get to know you and learn how we can best help you manage your personal struggles – whether through therapy, medication management, or a combination of the two.  We believe that your needs should be responded to with compassion, and believe that your memories, concerns, problems, and experiences are vital to your treatment.  At Denver Wellness Associates, we are able to provide the care you need to find solutions, and it is the support staff’s passion to make this a welcoming and comforting experience.

We have a collaborative approach to treatment, ensuring that if you see multiple professionals for your issues, everyone will work together to find the right balance.

Contact Us

Please feel free to call us or send an email.

Call us right now to set up an initial appointment Phone: (720) 724-3668 – Fax: (720) 598-0480 Address: 300 S. Jackson St, Ste 240 Denver, Colorado 80209